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How to Reset CL6078MW password
Description : 
I forgot the administrator password in my CL6708MW, how to reset it?
Solution : 

Please do the following steps to reset your password:
1. Power off CL6708MW and remove power cord from power socket.
2. Remove the cover from CL6708MW.
3. Using a jumper cap, short the jumper Reset password on the mainboard.
4. Replace the power cord and power on the CL6708MW.
5. When the front panel LEDs flash, power off the CL6708MW and remove the power cord from the power socket again.
6. Remove the jumper cap from the jumper.
7. Replace the cover on the switch.  Replace the power cord and power on the KVM switch.
8. After powering on the unit, you can use the default Username and Password to log in.

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