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Subject : 
US3344I / the port switch behavior
Description : 
Are there problems when the US3344I switches hard drives, flash drives, or other storage devices?
Solution : 
When the remote switch is pressed, the effect is essentially the same as if you were to unplug the storage device from one system and then plug it into another.
There are two ways to reduce the risk of data loss:
1: “Eject” the storage device from the Operating System prior to switching USB access between computers.
Windows: Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the taskbar/notification area, and then stop/eject the USB storage device.
Mac: Open Finder. Under the Devices category on the left, click the eject icon next to the USB storage device.
Linux: Unmount the device by ejecting it through the graphical environment, or use the unmount command.

2: (Windows Only) Enable the “Quick Removal” setting for the storage device within the Windows operating system (Windows 7 and later).
The OS will often implement this setting by default on devices that it detects as portable.

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