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Model : 
CCKM KE6900 KE6900AR KE6900AT KE6900R KE6900ST KE6900T KE6910 KE6910R KE6910T KE6912 KE6912R KE6912T KE6920R KE6920T KE6922R KE6922T KE6940 KE6940AR KE6940AT KE6940R KE6940T KE8900SR KE8900ST KE8950 KE8950R KE8950T KE8952 KE8952R KE8952T KE9900ST KE9950 KE9950R KE9950T KE9952 KE9952R KE9952T VE8900R VE8900T VE8950R VE8950T
Subject : 
Which Network Switches support KE69xx/VE89xx series devices ?
Description : 
Could you recommend network switches which have been tested or certified to work with ATEN KE69xx/KE89xx/KE99xx/VE89xx series devices? 
Solution : 
We recommend you to use 1000Mbps L2/L3 Gigabit Ethernet switches (wire speeds, non-blocking with 1Gbps/1.5Mpps performance per port) for KE/VE Series devices installed on different LAN segments. 10/100Mbps switches is not recommend, for it might cause poor performance.

Switch Specifications 
The following specifications are recommended when choosing a layer 2 or layer 3 switch: 
 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet switches (1000Mbps or faster Ethernet ports)
 High bandwidth between switches, if possible using Fibre Channel
 Layer 3 switches that efficiently processes IGMP queries 
 IGMP Snooping v2 or v3 
 Flow Control Functions 
 Throughput of: Full Duplex, 1Gbps up- and down- stream speeds per port 
 Performance of their most onerous tasks (e.g. IGMP snooping) with multiple dedicated processors (ASICS) 
 Use the same switch make and model throughout each subnet 
 The maximum number of simultaneous ‘snoopable groups’ the switch can handle meets or exceeds the number of KE transmitters that will be used to create Channel groups

In multi point configurations, the IGMP and Flow Control function of your network switches must be enabled to avoid the deterioration of data throughput. 
To ensure functionality, using a L2/L3 network switch which supports IGMP queries is necessary. 

Beside the IGMP and Flow Control, if a network switch deployed in VE8900/VE8950 installation, the switch must support Jumbo Frames (packets) up to 9216-byte size.

The switches listed in below table are input from ATEN's customers, you may refer to this list to choose a switch to use with your KE/VE device. 
Please note that the result will depend on your application and configurations, so if the switch you choose from the list cannot work well with your KE69xx/VE89xx series devices, please check your configuration of the network switch.  

Configuring Switches
Configuring the switch correctly will pass data more efficiently, allowing a better stream across the network to each KE device. 
The following settings will help optimize your network traffic through a switch:
  Enable IGMP Snooping on L2 switches
  Enable IGMP Querier on the L3 switch
  Enable IGMP Fast-Leave on all switches where KE units are directly connected
  Enable Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) on all switches and enable Portfast exclusively on switch ports that have KE units connected
  Pick an appropriate forwarding mode on all switches. Use Cut-through if available, or Store and Forward


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