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Model : 
KE6900 KE6900AR KE6900AT KE6900R KE6900ST KE6900T KE6940 KE6940R KE6940T KE8950 KE8950R KE8950T KE8952 KE8952R KE8952T KE9900ST KE9950 KE9950R KE9950T KE9952 KE9952R KE9952T VE8900R VE8900T VE8950R VE8950T
Subject : 
Network switch setting
Description : 
I have chose a 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet switch to manage the network environment for KE device, but sometimes I am still unable to switch the profiles/video wall, it seems the KE device hung up and no response.
Solution : 
In multipoint configurations, the IGMP and flow control function of your network switches/hubs must be enabled to avoid the deterioration of data throughput.
If use VE series device, please must also enable Jumbo frame

For details, please check out the video
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