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Model : 
KN8132V KN8164V
Subject : 
Adjusting the cable length
Description : 

I know the KN8164V has provisions to adjust
the cable length, but don't know how to do it.

Solution : 
In general, users don't need to adjust the cable length because KN81xx series KVM can adjust it automatically. However, if users who intend to fine tune the picture quality manually, please do the following.

This function has to be done through the terminal, so please do the following.
1. Log in to KN8164V
2. Go to "Maintenance" on the menu bar
3. Click on "Terminal" tab
4. Type setcablelen in terminal window and hit "Enter" key
Now you would see usage and parameters listed as below picture.
Channel- port number, and 0 means the local console
Value- cable length options, 0 for auto, 1 for disable, 2 for short and 3 for long
For example, setcablelen 0 0 indicates the cable length for local console is set to auto. 
Please refer to the below video for more details.

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