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Model : 
AF142 AF241 AS152P AS248R AS248T AS251S AS8144B AS8441B CC1000 CC2000 CCKM CCVSR CE100 CE250 CE250A CE252 CE300 CE350 CE370 CE600 CE602 CE604 CE610 CE620 CE680 CE690 CE700 CE700A CE750 CE770 CE774 CE775 CE790 CE800 CE800B CL1000 CL1000M CL1000N CL1008 CL1008M CL1016 CL1016L CL1016M CL1200 CL1200L CL1200M CL1208 CL1208L CL1208M CL1216 CL1216M CL3000N CL5200 CL5200C CL5200L CL5200M CL5208 CL5208C CL5208L CL5216 CL5216C CL5216L CL5216M CL5708D CL5708M CL5708N CL5708NI CL5716M CL5716N CL5716NI CL5800 CL5800M CL5800N CL5808M CL5808N CL5816M CL5816N CL6700MW CL6700N CL6708MW CL9108M CL9116M CM0264 CM1164 CN1000 CN5000 CN6000 CN8000 CN8600 CP0108 CS1008 CS1016 CS1182 CS1184 CS1200DL CS1200L CS1208 CS1208A CS1208AL CS1208DL CS1216 CS1216A CS1216AL CS1216L CS1308 CS1316 CS1642 CS1642A CS1644 CS1644A CS1708 CS1708A CS1708I CS1716 CS1716A CS1716I CS1724A CS1732 CS1732A CS1732B CS1732C CS1734 CS1734A CS1734B CS1734C CS1742 CS1742C CS1744 CS1744C CS1754 CS1758 CS1762A CS1764 CS1764A CS1768 CS1772 CS1772C CS1774 CS1774C CS1782 CS1782A CS1784 CS1784A CS1788 CS17916 CS1792 CS1794 CS1798 CS1942 CS1944 CS221 CS221C CS22D CS22U CS231 CS231C CS52A CS533 CS62U CS62US CS64A CS64U CS64US CS661 CS682 CS692 CS72D CS72U CS72UC CS74D CS74U CS74U-AT CS74UC CS782DP CS82A CS82AC CS82U CS82U-AT CS84A CS84AC CS84U CS84U-AT CS88A CS9134 CS9138 CV100KM CV130 CV130A CV130B CV131A CV131B CV132 CV160 EA1140 EA1240 EA1340 EA1440 EA1441 EA1442 EA2110 EA2210 EA2310 EC1000 EC2004 EC2012 FH300 FH310 FH600 FH610 IP8000 KA7120 KA7130 KA7140 KA7166 KA7168 KA7169 KA7170 KA7171 KA7175 KA7176 KA7177 KA7178 KA7230 KA7240 KA7520 KA7525 KA7540 KA7570 KA7575 KA7577 KA7920 KA7970 KA8120 KA9120 KA9130 KA9131 KA9140 KA9170 KA9220 KA9222 KA9233 KA9250 KA9270 KA9272 KA9520 KA9570 KA9575 KE6900 KE6940 KH1508 KH1508A KH1508AI KH1508I KH1516 KH1516A KH1516AI KH1516I KH2508 KH2508A KH2508AI KH2516 KH2516A KH2516AI KL1508 KL1508A KL1508AIM KL1508AIN KL1508AM KL1508AN KL1508M KL1508N KL1516 KL1516A KL1516AIM KL1516AIN KL1516AM KL1516AN KL1516M KL1516N KL3116 KL3116M KL3116T KL9108 KL9108M KL9116 KL9116M KM0532 KM0832 KM0932 KN1000 KN1108V KN1116V KN1118V KN2116 KN2116A KN2116V KN2116VA KN2124V KN2132 KN2132V KN2132VA KN2140V KN4116 KN4116V KN4116VA KN4124V KN4132 KN4132V KN4132VA KN4140V KN4164V KN8116 KN8132V KN8164V KN9000 KN9008 KN9016 KN9108 KN9116 PE1216 PE1216A PE1216G PE1316G PE1324B PE1324G PE1324J PE2210 PE2220 PE2322 PE2322G PE2326G PE3108 PE5108 PE5108A PE5108B PE5108G PE5120S PE5208A PE5208B PE5208G PE5216 PE5216LA PE5216LB PE5216LG PE5220 PE5220SLA PE5220SLB PE5220SLG PE5312S PE5312SGL PE5312SGR PE5324 PE5324KJA PE5324LB PE5324LG PE5324LJ PE5324LJA PE5324LKJA PE5324TB PE5324TG PE5324TJ PE5340S PE5340SL PE5340SLB PE5340SLG PE5340SLJ PE5342TB PE5342TG PE6108A PE6108B PE6108G PE6208 PE6208A PE6208B PE6208G PE6216 PE6216A PE6216B PE6216G PE6216LB PE6216LG PE6224LG PE6324B PE6324G PE6324J PE6324JA PE6324JA2 PE6324LG PE6324LJ PE6324LJA PE7108 PE7108A PE7108B PE7108G PE7208A PE7208B PE7208G PE7214B PE7214G PE7216 PE7216LB PE7216LG PE7216RB PE7216RG PE7324 PE7324KJA PE7324LB PE7324LG PE7324LJ PE7324LJA PE7324LKJA PE7324RB PE7324RG PE7324RJ PE7324TB PE7324TG PE7324TJ PE7328 PE7328B PE7328G PE7328LB PE7328LG PE7328LJ PE8108A PE8108B PE8108G PE8121KJ PE8121LKJ PE8208 PE8208A PE8208B PE8208G PE8212LKJ PE8216 PE8216LB PE8216LG PE8216RB PE8216RG PE8308DGL PE8316 PE8316G PE8324 PE8324A PE8324JA PE8324KJ PE8324LB PE8324LG PE8324LJ PE8324RG PE8324RJ PE9216 PE9216LB PE9216LG PE9216RB PE9216RG PE9222B PE9222G PE92342 PE9324 PE9324LB PE9324LG PE9324LJ PE9324RB PE9324RG PE9324RJ PE9328LB PE9328LG PE9328LJ PE9330 PE9330B PE9330G PE9330LB PE9330LG PE9330LJ PN0108 PN5101 PN5212 PN5320 PN7212 PN7320 PN9108 SN0108 SN0116 SN0116D SN0132 SN0148 SN3101 SN9108 SN9116 UC100KMA UC10KM UC1284 UC1284B UC20KM UC2320 UC2322 UC2324 UC232A UC410 UC4852 UC4854 UCE260 UCE50 UCE60 UE125 UE150 UE2120 UE250 UE350 UE350A UEH4002 US221 US221A US224 US421 US421A US424 VB100 VB552 VB802 VC010 VC020 VC060 VC080 VC1080 VC160 VC160A VC160C VC180 VC182 VC480 VC810 VC812 VC840 VC880 VC920 VC960 VC980 VC991 VE022 VE066 VE088 VE120 VE150 VE150A VE156 VE170 VE170Q VE170R VE170RQ VE172R VE200 VE300R VE300RQ VE300T VE500 VE500R VE500RQ VE500T VE510 VE550 VE552 VE560 VE600 VE601 VE601R VE601T VE602 VE606 VE800 VE800A VE801 VE801R VE801T VE802 VE802R VE802T VE803 VE805R VE806 VE809 VE810 VE812 VE813 VE814 VE829 VE849R VE849T VE872 VE873 VE874 VE875 VE882 VE892 VK2100 VM0404 VM0404H VM0808 VM0808H VM0808T VM1600 VM1616T VM3404H VM3909H VM5404D VM5404H VM5808D VM5808H VM6404H VM7104 VM7514 VM7604 VM7804 VM8514 VM8604 VM8804 VS0102 VS0104 VS0108 VS0108H VS0108HA VS0116 VS0201 VS0202 VS0204 VS0401 VS0404 VS0801 VS0801A VS0801H VS102 VS104 VS108 VS1204T VS1208T VS132 VS132A VS134 VS134A VS138 VS138A VS146 VS1504 VS1508 VS1601 VS162 VS164 VS172 VS174 VS1804T VS1808T VS1814T VS1818T VS182 VS182A VS184 VS184A VS1912 VS201 VS231 VS261 VS291 VS381 VS431 VS461 VS481 VS481A VS481B VS482 VS491 VS82 VS82C VS84 VS84C VS88 VS881 VS88C VS92 VS92A VS94 VS94A VS98 VS98A
Subject : 
Hotkey list
Description : 
Where can I find the hotkeys list of my ATEN device?

Solution : 
Please follow this link: 
Select the Model family then the ATEN Model number for a complete list then select type for a specific Hot Key action

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