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Model : 
CCKM KE6900 KE6900AR KE6900AT KE6900R KE6900ST KE6900T KE6910 KE6910R KE6910T KE6912 KE6912R KE6912T KE6920R KE6920T KE6922R KE6922T KE6940 KE6940AR KE6940AT KE6940R KE6940T KE8900SR KE8900ST KE8950 KE8950R KE8950T KE8952 KE8952R KE8952T KE9900ST KE9950 KE9950R KE9950T KE9952 KE9952R KE9952T
Subject : 
KE management software
Description : 
Does KE69xx/KE89xx/KE99xx support Matrix feature (Multi-to Multi) without KE management software?

Solution : operate the Matrix feature, you will need to have Matrix Manager, otherwise the system will keep looking for KE management software.
In this case you have to exit the Multi->Multi settings via telnet.
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