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Older UC232A's can not support Windows 8 and later OS
Description : 
Doesn't UC232A work on Windows 8 and later OS?

After installing driver (V1.0.078) , Windows shows an error message: code 10 in the device manager, however the same driver and device work fine on Windows 7.
Solution : 
You might be using an old UC232A "chipset" version that is not compatible with Windows 8 and later OS.

Please check your UC232A serial number on the back of the unit (see attached picture)
(if you cannot see the serial number, please contact your reseller or Aten Technical Support at

If the 3rd digit is less or equal to "9" (note letter such as A,B,C, etc... use new chipset), your unit has the older chip version. We recommend replacing your UC232A.
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