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Model : 
CN8600 CS1708I CS1716I IP8000 KH1508AI KH1508I KH1516AI KH1516I KH2508AI KH2516AI KL1508AIM KL1508AIN KL1508AM KL1516AIM KL1516AIN KL9108 KL9108M KL9116 KL9116M KN1000 KN1001 KN1108V KN1116V KN1118V KN2108 KN2116 KN2116A KN2116V KN2124V KN2132 KN2132V KN2140V KN4116 KN4116V KN4124V KN4132 KN4132V KN4140V KN9000 KN9008 KN9016 KN9108 KN9116
Subject : 
Winclient / Java client Serial Number
Description : 
Where can I find the Serial Number for Winclient / Javaclient?
Solution : 
The Serial Number can be found on the CD cover or User Manual cover included in the product's package.

Please note your product serial number and Application (Winclient/Javaclient)serial numbers are different.

If you still cannot find the serial number, please submit a ticket for technical support at
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