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CC2000 maintenance license FAQ
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What is the policy of CC2000 maintenance license? 

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Please refer to below for CC2000 maintenance license related FAQ: 

1. Do I need to purchase a maintenance license to upgrade my CC2000 v3.x to v4.0 or above?

Answer: Yes.

2. When I purchase CC2000 v4.0, do I need to purchase a maintenance license as well

Answer: No. However, it will be required when you want to upgrade CC2000 from v4.0 to v4.1 or above in the future.

3. How to purchase a maintenance license and upgrade CC2000 with it?

Answer: Please check Key License Upgrade chapter in user manual for details.

Please note that once the maintenance license is added to your USB key, it will count as the first day of the license.

4. What maintenance license should I buy if my USB license key has 456 nodes?

Answer: Please purchase one CCMA512 to cover 456 nodes. 

5. Should I buy CCMA512 or CCMA1024 if my order includes CCN100 for my 456-node USB key?

Answer: Please purchase CCMA512 since CCN100 is not counted in your USB key yet.

6. Can I purchase a 2-year maintenance license for my 456-node USB license key?

Answer: Yes. Please place an order with two CCMA512.  Please note that the maximum validity allowed in CC2000 is 3-year.

7. What will happen if my maintenance license is expired?

Answer: CC2000 will still operate normally as it is but major software upgrade is not allowed. (e.g v4.0 -->v4.1 requires valid maintenance license, v4.0.001 --> v4.0.003 is free)

8. If my maintenance license is 6 months after expiration, will the renewal count from the expiration date or the renewal date?

Answer: expiration date.

9. When will CC2000 v3.x reach the end of support?

Answer: ATEN will no longer release any new features or new product support for previous CC2000 v3.x versions.  However, we will continue to offer major bug fixes and security updates until the end of Q1 2024. 

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