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Subject : 
CS1774 firmware upgrade
Description : 
There is no firmware upgrade switch on CS1774. What should I do to enter into firmware upgrade mode?
Solution : 
1- Connect the firmware cable between the upgrade computer’s serial port
and the KVM, connect the KVM‘s power adapter
2- Connect a keyboard to the keyboard port on the KVM.
The only three connections to the KVM are power, keyboard, and upgrade cable
3- On the keyboard attached to the KVM:
Press the [Num. Lock] key and hold it down, then press and release
the [-] key release the [Num. Lock] key the NUM Lock and Cap Lock
LEDs should be blinking
4- On the keyboard type [u-p-g-r-a-d-e] then tap the [enter] key
The KVM's port selector LEDs should be flashing
5- On the upgrade computer double click on the firmware upgrade utility you
down loaded from our web site.
6- When the utility opens, highlight on the device listed under [Device List]
7- Then click on [Finish]

Leave it alone – it will tell you when it is done.

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